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October 2005
The Answer ...

go to start, settings, control panel, install/unistall and select it from list and uninstall ...because freeze can be complex you need to check the whole computer because this has happened to me...to save you the searching and pain just download from the web spybot (clever tool removes all crap that intrudes and takes over your pc and run it as often as you need it) google spypot is easy to install goodluck

October 2005
open start, go to search files (search ALL files including the hidden ones) for myfreeze, when the search finishes, delete the files. I also went to download.com and downloaded a program called registry cleaner from softwareonline.com and that also helped. I bought the program for 19.95 US and I use it daily, it works GREAT! I also used the anti-spy tab on yahoo.com. I threw EVERYTHING I could at this thing and I killed it.

Good luck, casitico

September 2006
iwant this remove all files i cannot get into some of my files with this so please remove.

maggie deadwilder
February 2007
To remove myfreeze.com from your computer just go to yahoo and click on make yahoo my web page.

Nancy Bellamy
March 2007
iant tomove the myfreeze.com

October 2009

Annie Young
November 2009
That worked Casitico, many thanks. KZrider

February 2010
Open your Browser. Go to Tools. Then select Add-ons. Find My-Freeze and un-intall. Actually you may uninstall any add-ons you do not want from here. Close your Browser and you are good to go.
(My-Freeze did not appear in my Control Panel).

To set your web page to your favorite Browser go to Tools. Then Internet Options. On the General Tab type in www.http://____________________
your Browser's name. Hit OK! Your done.


April 2010
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