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The Question ...

Why wont my webcam work on msn?

Why wont my webcam work on msn? It works on yahoo..but it wont work on msn... when i try to use it on msn its says...."Your conversation cannot begin because your camera is currently in use or not plugged in.Make sure your camera is available and try."...but its not being used by anything else and it is plugged in. Can somebody please please help me..I have tired everything!
Also my camera is a Micro Innovations PC camera I believe!
Thanks so much!

June 2005
The Answer ...

I dont have the answer but I have that same problem....

my cam (phillips PCVC 720K webcam)does work with other progs like yahoo messenger, skype, eyeball... but cannot make it work with msn...but it worked before (4-5 weeks ago).

March 2006
Yeh i don't have the answer! But i do also have the same problem! My camera (some kind of logitech camera) works with everything else apart from msn! It wouldn't be anything to do with live messenger because it worked a few weeks ago, and now i have live messenger it just doesn't seem to work at all!

February 2007
Yeh i don't have the answer! But i do also have the same problem! My camera (some kind of logitech camera) works with everything else apart from msn! It wouldn't be anything to do with live messenger would it? because it worked a few weeks ago, and now i have live messenger it just doesn't seem to work at all!

February 2007
i dont have the answer but i have the same problem my webcam wont work on msn either does anyone no whats wrong

September 2007
i had a problem like that so i reinstalled my msn and now it works, but i also had to go to tool>audio and video setup...

then had to select my webcam.

hope it helps

September 2007
I had the same problem and then I just asked My B.F for help and he said All youu have to do is look it upp. The this dude on like "Why wont my webcam work?" was like, Redo youur msn thingyy and like blow in the cord. Lol.
It worked even though it sounds stupid!

Special Lover
November 2007
i don't know but my web cam devise doesn't work it works on one computer but on my other one it doesn't and i can't go on the one that works because my brother goes on it and never lets me on it.

December 2007
you may need to upgrade your msn- just re install it

February 2008
my camra has trust on it and it no worky please help i tryed tool and still no worky polease help

May 2008
no mater what they whot work so give up u losers

May 2008
i realy need help please

May 2008
i have the same problem ive tried everything. nothing works. it worked last time i used it...a couple months ago and now it wont work...what do i do none of the things on here work...does anyone else have any ideas of wut i can do to get it to work?

June 2008
Reinstalling MSN really works! Try it I have an I.T. wORKS Cam and it worked brilliantly for me.
Hope this helps,
by the way that WENIS thing is halarious! Friends by any chance???

September 2008
mine dont work on msn ... its just a blue screen all the time and ive tryed reainstalling msn but it dont work ive tried everythink wat can i do ? plz help

November 2008
You should check to see if your USB is updated ie usb2.0.
I updated my usb software and my Webcam worked.


December 2008
go to tools>then audio and video set-up then switch the cam to the one you use i had the same problem and that worked for me :)

January 2009
same i had that problem but going on to tools then audio and video setup worked hope it helps cya


January 2009
I have the same problem i tried install it again and the audio/video setup wont work wat should i do then?

January 2009
Found this on another site, hope it helps

January 21st, 2009 at 4:21 am 101

i had problems with webcam on windows live messenger 9 update .. the cam would not be detected…
upon lots of tries and re installs it still wouldnt work .. even changed cam , drivesrs .. etc..

finaly solved it by removing all reg files using CCleaner
then a fresh reinstall of WLM9
this worked and cam is now fine ..
hope this helps

January 2009
go to control panel and then in control panel and then programs and then repair and uninstall programs
then click on windows live messenger and click repair should fix this

compter wizz
January 2009
Try plugging out the webcam, going on tools>audio and video, then plugging in the webcam.

February 2009
i had the same problem - just make sure you've chosen the correct webcam.

Go to 'Tools' , then 'Audio and Visual setting'.

When you get the the webcam bit, don't choose 'default integrated camera', choose 'integrated camera'.

March 2009
I dont have a answer
but my mic on my webcam wont work:/

March 2009
Ther is NOTHING that will work. my cam works on everything but msn. ive tried repairing msn it wont work it just cause error. ive tried going onto tools and audio n stuff that just doesnt even work.
what do i do ?

March 2009
im thinking of taking this webcam bck to the shop i got it from and get a refund so i can buy a better one

demon slayer
April 2009
i've tried to uninstall it and reinstall it but it still doesnt work. "trust" had better have a soulution or give me a refund

demon slayer
April 2009
My webcam wont load, and no one else's will either :/
I've tried uninstalling msn and then installing it again / i've tried repairing it / i've updated heaps of stuff...! lol. this is silly as!

April 2009
my webcam is built in to my laptop & works on skype & when im setting up the web cam on msn the pic shows me a pic of me 2 show the cam is working but when i start it in a convo its a white screen & thats what the other person sees as well

April 2009
go to tools then audio and video setup, works a treat!

i like stuff
April 2009
same prob, butt ive not tried re installing it, but the thing where people go on tools n video thats all mic not webcam!

May 2009
my webcams built in to my laptop was working fine a few weeks ago but now it wont work on msn.9 for vista :(

June 2009
same as him

June 2009

June 2009
i dno the answer either, but when i click on tools/audio and video setup, a dialog box appears saying "we are unable to run audio and video setup" . I have a sony vaio VGN-NS20J. i just want to know how to get it working

sam burf
June 2009
i have the same problemm!! i have a built in webcam on my sony vaio something or the other...i reinstalled msn, n i tried the audio/video setup thing it says wer unable to run audio/video setup...and wen i try to have a webcam convo it just says we couldnt start it check if it isnt in use ...it works fine wen i try to take a picture or something on wecam companion...HELP! ty

July 2009
my webcam is not working at all and im really confused because when we FINALLY installed it it worked for about 5 mins my webcam is a (mikomi 300kk VGA Webcam) i brought it from argos yesterday and i have tried so many times to get it to work but nothing ? PLEASE HELP ME !!!

July 2009
mine WAS working fine 1 week & then just stopped..my boyfriend has tried everything but he can't fix the prob either.may be we have to wait for msn 10...hint hint msn u need to update...yahoo has several times already

July 2009
I have just bought a microsoft vx-6000 webcam, i can get it to work normaly but when i try to start my webcam on msn there is just a blank screen (it is not covered at all)

July 2009
thank you a have fixed it and now my webcam works on msn

andrew tait
July 2009
I have a problm with my web-cam when i use it on msn it says bluetooth vidio waiting for connection i dont know why because my web-cam has nothing to do with bluetooth can somone please help!!

August 2009
I have the exact same problem , i have uninstalled-reinstalled the webcam ,
how to u get rid of windows live ? x

August 2009
i am having the sameproblem write now and i dont understand how to re install it please answer people please

rachel 10yrs old
August 2009
i dont no wot to do either some days it works some days it doesn't my is hp on my non of these work mine always says you cant start webcam because your cam isn't plugged in or it is in use in another program and mine is instaild on the labtop and its not in use wot do i do??

September 2009
hi me again
on the same day i have a way of SOMTIMES making it work restart the computer it SOMTIMES works!

September 2009
how do i get to tools, audio ect?

September 2009
i cant view my friends webcam because it just goes straight back off and if i try a video call it crashes my msn :S:S

Ryann :)
September 2009
my webcam always used to work, but since ive downloaded the new msn it dont work, just comes up as a black blurred screeen, somone please help

October 2009
ive got a LifeCam VX-1000 webcam; &it aint working on msn. iive read through all your commentss & the tools audio thing.. how do you get it up&where? &at the moment im installing the new MSN; fingerscrossed it will work...

any other awnsers?!

October 2009
did you all try downloadin manycams

don scones
October 2009
i just went to web cam driver and hit disable then tried the web cam audio set up on msn ( didnt work obviously) then hit enable on web cam driver and it worked.

November 2009
I'm having the same problem. I'm attempting to chat to my BF and we've had a few problems with the cam before. But somehow, at other places the cam works with MSN but here I always have problems.
Confusion is my middle name at this point.

November 2009
I installed an older version of msn and it worked, webcam not compatible with newest MSN version.

November 2009
You need to configure the webcam - In settings - configure webcam and microfone :D

November 2009
Right guys, my problem is that, I have just bought a brand new dell inspiron, with a built in webcam, on the latest version of msn it works, but only for 10 seconds.. However it worked when I was on ebuddy and it worked on it's built in recording programme. Any help appriciated.


December 2009
I have the answer...... This worked for me... You go to your "Windows Live Messenger" window. Now go to the "Show Menu" window. Then click tools>options>Audio and video setup> then click next.. Then, if your camera works and you see yourself, simply click finish and your camera will now work... If you don't see yourself, look for your camera on the list, and switch around until you see yourself. When you do, click finish.

Atomic DNL
December 2009
I have finally just got the cam to show up in the SETUP window. But then when I go to request/accept my webcam, it shows up on my window, and the other person says that it loads for a bit, and then they get a white screen and it cancels. THE PROBLEM IS NOT SOLVED! Please quit repeating solutions that are not helping any further.

December 2009
Hey all :)
i had the problem as a lot of you did, my webcam didnt show up on msn, it was just all white (yours may be a different colour) so go into the home page + Tools + audio and video setup. choose your webcam/computer and your good :) hope it works !

December 2009
i had the same problem with mine, where it would show up in my computer but not on msn, so i went onto the msn toolbar in the messenger window, and clicked on tools, and selected "audio and video setup" followed that..and it works prefectly straight away :):)

December 2009
i have the samr problem but mine is built in :S

December 2009
mine is NOt working at all. I have done everything suggested, my webcam is built into my laptop. it doesn't work on skype either, just a black screen. My bfs works fine, and my sound is great but nothing else. getting really ticked off with this.

December 2009
I had the same problem with my webcam not working with msn but everywhere else..i did what scooby said and played with the settings in msn . tools>audio/video and right away worked fine..thanks scooby!!

December 2009
i have the same problem...when i go to tools-audio nd video setup, my webcam shows up perfectly, but when i go to start a convo it shows for me a picture of a camera with a red X over it?? what should i do? and i tried reinstalling it and it didnt help..:/

December 2009
I just got it yesturday and it worked on msn but now i don't know why it dosen't work well i don't have the webcam

December 2009
sorry i was not ment to write webcam i was supposed to write awnswer

December 2009
for the guy who gets red x you need to enable so that people can see that you have a cam in the change contact list are - layout there u go

jacky p
January 2010
i dont have an answer but my webcam's been working fine in my computer for ages, my sister used it to talk to her boyfriend before they moved in together, now it wont work. my dad said its something to do with the driver but idk...

January 2010
the same thing has happend to be, and it worked a couple of months agp, but not anymore and its a msn webcamm... why is this?? :P

Yeah... sooo
January 2010
ive had the same problem after i installed msn +

January 2010
logitech quickca sucks.. they dont work..

January 2010
My webcam is a Life Cam VX - 2000 and it works fine with every program but msn. My msn reads my webcam as a microphone so it just shows that i dont have a webcam plugged in, however i can exit msn go on Skype and it works fine. ive tried repairing msn, uninstalling and re installing, gone to the audio and video setup as well but nothing seems to work. please help

January 2010
I have Logitech Quickcam. and i have the same problem its works fine. but not on msn. argghh

January 2010
i just tried to use my webcam on msn...only problem is that its just a blue screen..

January 2010

February 2010
my webcam doesnt work on msn but it will work on cameroid and just the webcam thing, but i dont understand why it wont work... D:

February 2010
Ok this is for all the people that have tried both the repair/reinstall and the audio/video options and still are having no luck.

Go to your email inbox page.
Click on the drop down menu next to your name (top right hand corner).
Select "View Your Accounts".
Re-enter your password when prompted.
Click on the highlighted "Registered Information" link.
Change your country/region to USA, UK or Austrailia.
Put in a suitable postal code for the country you select.
Save the changes.
Log out of MSN, log back in... enjoy :)

Jim has fixed it for you :)

Jimmy Saville
March 2010
I dont know the answer still, cuz none of these answers have fixed my problem.
basically my webcam wont work on MSN and will work on other things such as yahoo, etc
whenever i try to use it on msn a message comes up saying "we cannot connect to your webcam, your webcam may be in use by another program (but actually its not in use by another program!), please check it and try again.

March 2010
mine's built in too :(

March 2010
Yeahh omg mine wouldn't work either! all you have to go to is Tools in msn.. than press Audio and video setup.. and like do your mic.. and when it comes to the webcam don't press the thing that has "(default)" in it... press the one after.... it worked for me! thaaaaank god :)
hope it workkss

March 2010
i haven't got the answer but i mine works fine like on my desktop but then i go on msn & it says i don't have a webcam. non of those stuff have made it work. it worked before then suddenly stopped & i don't know why :S. can anybody help?

March 2010
Are you sure that your not using your webcam for something else at the same time?
That happened to me once but I got rid of using the other windows and it worked again. :)
hope my answer helps you.

April 2010
mine is the same, it dosent work on msn, or any other programmes, but i can like take pictures and stuff like that? its so wierd. also on msn i can do call and my voice works just not the cam? x

April 2010
ok i hav no answer :( i just got a webcam its logitech quickcam or watever anywayz if i try to do webcam wiv someone on msn it says no camera and there is!!!! any solutions?? please help

thanks, MIS

April 2010
Mine is a logitech too.

Go to Tools > Audio / Video settings,
adjust your microphone settins, and then click next.
When you're on the second page, select which webcam you're using. My XP computer has about 4 options, just make sure you choose "logitech."

Good luck.

April 2010
if your cam doesnt work on msn,
go on tools,
then go on audio video setup
and go through the setup
mine worked after that

April 2010
mine doesnt work with any of that. i dont understand what it is. it turns blackk on my girlfriends, but for mine it doesnt even show up that i have a cam. ive tried everything you've mentioned. when my brother uses it on the same laptop it works . . just not for me. what the hell do i do?! someone help meeeee.

April 2010
I have the same problem with my integrated webcam,
for video calls my cam works perfectly.
But for the normal cam, it doesn't work.
I've tried everything that you told us.
Can someone help ? Pleaaaz!

April 2010
My webcam is already in my laptop and it doesnt work at all. It doesnt have a programme to take videos or videos on adn it doesnt work on msn either it just goes black. It's been this way for months now and I dont know what to do. :/

May 2010
i get the red X too!!!!
i've tried doing the audio/video settings , the letting people see i have a webcam

and it works everywhere but here!! it used to work ;_;

May 2010
OH and i also have an integrated cam on my del inspiron

May 2010
theres been an update which means you can't do webcam only video call. it sucks

May 2010
tools > audio and video set up > set defualt webcam source !
i hope it works out for you :D!

common denominator !
May 2010
I have this problem :/ only does video call. :/ whats the update? because ive tried downloading and uninstalling msn :/

June 2010
okaay how do you get onto the Tools on MSN? xxx

Bry x
June 2010
its the new msn. :|

June 2010
thank-чou for that answer sophie, is there anч waч at all that чou can download something else to over run it ? :/

June 2010
I have The Same Problem?

June 2010
its all sucks we need usa webcam

June 2010
Go to menu > video and audio options > install your webcam > done

July 2010
mine has the same problem and when researching it i found out that the new updated messenger i had dowloaded did not allow web cam, just video call. basically the only way to get around this is to wait for the release of wave 4 (the new version) where this time they've installed webcam

August 2010
i dont have an answer..
i need help
i have a toshiba computer and it recently got a virus but i installed a whole new program in it
now my webcam wont work

how do i make it work??

September 2010
I have the same problem, i have a built in webcam and it will work on friendcameo on facebook, and will let me take pictures. but when i go on msn it wont let me on webcam, only video call. and on video call it shows up with a webcam with a cross through it, as if i dont have a webcam? some one please help?! i misss my video chats with my friends

October 2010
Sometimes the same happens to me. I just pull the cam connection to my USB out, close messenger from File/sign out, then close it fully. Replace connection 4 cam, restart messenger and i'm back. If u have probs with sound then u will have to go to menu/tools/audio and video setup and where it says Speaker/Microphone or Speakerphone u have choices of default or click the drop down window and try the other choices. Good luck

October 2010
why cant i get the tools option ..to go to audio and visual to get my built in camera working ... ive tried uninstalling windows live 2011..but it wont let me download any other versions .. just cannot get into that tools option..anyone have any ideas...thnx :)

November 2010
Have you checked under tools>audio and video set up, and gone through that and made sure your webcam is registered? That usually works, if not then double check your webcam is compatible with msn and if it is try pulling it out of your USB then re-inserting it and make sure you have the camera icon on show :)

December 2010
I dont have a solution but my camera on my laptop wont work (Presario C700 compaq) and its getting on my nerves. It used to work, then all of a sudden it decided to say that my cameras not in the PC and it is!

January 2011
1. Run Audio /Video Set up wizard:

a. Start Windows Live Messenger
b. Click Tools, and then click Audio and Video Setup.(Press Alt on the keyboard to get the Menu bar)
c. Follow the directions in the wizard to select and configure the audio and video devices

2. Disable the QoS Packet Scheduler:

a. Follow the step below, to get to network connections based on your Operating system version

In Windows XP,
Click Start, Settings and click Control Panel and click Network Settings

In Windows Vista or Windows 7,
Click Start Pearl, type Network and Sharing Center in the Start Search box, and then press Enter

b. Click Manage network connections

c. Under LAN or High-Speed Internet, select the Local Area Connection that has a status of Connected

d. Right-click that connection and then click Properties

e. Clear the QoS Packet Scheduler check box

f. Click Ok to save the changes and close the window

In Windows XP,

a. Open up your Network Connections
b. Click on Start and click on Settings
c. Go to Control Panel and Network Settings

b. Select your connection

c. Click "Changes settings of this connection" in the left Network Tasks menu (or right-click the selected connection, and then left-click "Properties").

d. Now you'll see the Properties of the connection. If you see QoS Packet Scheduler here, uncheck the box and press Ok

In Windows Vista or Windows 7,

a. Click Start

b. Type Network and Sharing Center in the Search box, and then press Enter

c. Click on Local Area Connections under View your active networks

d. Click on the Properties tab

e. Now you'll see the Properties of the connection. If you see "QoS Packet Scheduler" here, simply uncheck the box and press Ok

3. Remove Third Party Applications or Add-ons:

a. Uninstall Third-party add-ons or applications by following the steps which is specific to your operating system

In Windows XP, click Start, type Control Appwiz.cpl in the Start Search box, Go to Add/Remove programs

In Windows Vista or Windows 7, click Start, click Control Panel, and click Programs and Features

b. In the list of installed programs, search for any third-party toolbars, such as
(MyWebSearch Toolbar, Smiley Central, Messenger Plus, Kiwee Toolbar, Info Pen or MacroGaming SweetIM)

c. Click Uninstall or Remove program

d. Restart your computer

4. Disable Internet Protocol security (IPSec):

a. Follow the step below to get to the Administrative tool based on your Operating System version;

Windows Vista and in Windows 7
In Category view, click Start, and then click Control Panel, click System and Maintenance, and then click Administrative Tools
In Classic view, click Start, Control Panel, go to Administrative Tools directly

Windows XP
In Category view, click Start, and then click Control Panel, click Performance and Maintenance, and then click Administrative Tool
If you are in Classic view, click Start, Control Panel, go to Administrative Tools directly
b. Double-click Services. If you are prompted for an administrator password or for a confirmation, type the password, or click Continue
c. Right-click on IPSEC (Windows XP) or IPsec Policy Agent in (Windows Vista or Windows 7), and then click Stop
c. If stopping the IPSec service does not resolve the issue, restart the IPSec service. To restart the IPSec service, right-click IPsec Policy Agent or IPSEC, and then click Start

good luck

January 2011
We should not have to be doing this crap

January 2011
Thats The same as my Logitech webcam. when i press the on/off button it comes up with a screan and i can see myself fine but when i go on facebook/the lolcam it does'nt seem to fine my cam and on msn normally by your pic is shows a mini cam but it does'nt with mine! Please Help!

February 2011

October 2011
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February 2014

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