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Influencer Marketing has become the next big thing for almost every brand which focuses on online marketing. Getting the attention

Influencer of the Week – Sankara Narayanan #InfluencerSpeaks

As part of the #InfluencerSpeaks series, we bring you the interviews with top influencers across India. This week, we are

  December 23, 2015

Influencer Marketing for your Event

Any organization would like to ensure that they have a wide reach and are able to engage as many people

  December 18, 2015

Influencer of the Week – Nandini Swaminathan #InfluencerSpeaks

As part of the #InfluencerSpeaks series, we bring you the interviews with top influencers across India. This week, we are

  December 15, 2015

#DinnerAtDeccan Food Bloggers Meet

Here’s a presentation done by our co-Founder, Vikas Chawla, at the #DinnerAtDeccan event organised on 12th Dec 2015 at Hotel Deccan

  December 13, 2015
top food bloggers in India you didn't know of

Top Food Influencers in India you didn’t know of

They say that there is no love greater than a “mother’s love”. However, food lovers will tell you that there

  November 27, 2015

Five tips for your first influencer marketing campaign

Given that word of mouth marketing generates more sales than paid advertising, more brands are beginning to think about influencer

  November 24, 2015

Co-creating content with Influencers: Best Practices

With social media, the voice of customer has become the most important tool of marketing. When we decide to buy

  November 18, 2015

What should a brand expect from Influencer Marketing?

Given that Influencer marketing is the current buzz word, brands are now relying heavily on influencer marketing to target potential new

  November 14, 2015

Blogging as a Career Option

Have a particular interest that you are extremely passionate about? Then blogging is the perfect way to start exploring your

  November 2, 2015

Influencer Marketing–Final nail in coffin for traditional marketing?

Voice of the Brand or Customers? Social media marketing has brought about a quantum shift in the way marketing is done.

  October 21, 2015

Popular Influencer Marketing Campaigns in India

The latest buzz word in the digital marketing world that is steadily catching up with brands is ‘Influencer Marketing’. Western

  October 11, 2015

Top Platforms to discover Influencers for your Brand

With the quick rise in demand for Influencer Marketing, there is a need for tools and platforms to aid brands

  September 29, 2015

Top 10 Lifestyle Bloggers in Chennai

The lifestyle trends and changes in mindset are often influenced by Lifestyle Bloggers. Many of these ever-evolving influencers have recently

  September 19, 2015

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